iGCSE Subjects

Our Accredited subject courses aim to prepare students for further education and future career success by helping them develop a strong foundation in a range of academic disciplines. Students taking iGCSE subjects are expected to learn fundamental concepts and skills in these subjects, as well as develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
The Power of Language
Options Include:
  • Arabic First Language – Cambridge iGCSE
  • English First Language – Edexcel iGCSE
  • English Second Language – Cambridge iGCSE
  • English Literature – Edexcel iGCSE
Natural & Applied Sciences
The World of Science
Options Include:
  • Biology – Edexcel iGCSE
  • Chemistry – Edexcel iGCSE
  • Mathematics – Edexcel iGCSE
  • Information Technology – Cambridge iGCSE
  • Physics – Edexcel iGCSE
Social Sciences
Complexities of Society
Options Include:
  • Business Studies – Edexcel iGCSE
  • Geography – Cambridge iGCSE
  • Psychology – Edexcel iGCSE
  • Sociology – Edexcel iGCSE
  • Travel & Tourism – Cambridge iGCSE
The Arts
Unleash Your Creativity
Options Include:
  • Art and Design – Cambridge iGCSE
  • Photography – Edexcel iGCSE
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