IA-Level Social Sciences

IA-Level Social Sciences courses provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the social, political, and economic systems that shape our world. They will cover a range of subjects including sociology, psychology, economics, and political science. Students will learn about the major theories and concepts that are used to study human behavior and societies, as well as the methods used to conduct research in these fields.
Throughout the course, students will be expected to develop their analytical and critical thinking skills, as well as their ability to evaluate evidence and arguments. They will be required to design and carry out research projects, collect and analyze data, and draw conclusions based on their findings. Additionally, students will be expected to communicate their ideas and findings effectively, both in writing and verbally.
In addition to learning about the theories and concepts of Social Sciences, students will also be exposed to current issues and debates in society, and learn about the ways in which social science research can be used to inform policy and practice. This will help them gain a deeper understanding of the social world around them, and develop the skills to engage with it in an informed and critical way.

Change Your Discipline

Please discuss with your son or daughter which options they would like to pursue. It is important to remember that the child’s preferences are most important. This aligned with their chosen career path and university requirements are the bases upon which sound choices are made.
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