iGCSE Natural & Applied Sciences

iGCSE natural and applied sciences are a group of subjects that cover the scientific principles and concepts that underlie the natural world and the ways in which these principles can be applied in practical situations. Students taking these subjects are expected to develop a range of skills and knowledge, including an understanding of scientific concepts and principles, practical skills, and problem-solving abilities.
In terms of scientific concepts and principles, students will learn about the fundamental ideas that govern the natural world, such as matter, energy, and the behavior of living organisms.
They will also be introduced to the scientific method, which is the process scientists use to generate, test, and revise scientific explanations.
Practical skills are an important part of iGCSE natural and applied sciences.
Students will have the opportunity to develop these skills through hands-on activities and experiments, where they will learn how to use scientific equipment, collect and analyze data, and interpret results.
Problem-solving skills are also a key focus of these subjects.
Students will be encouraged to think critically and solve problems using scientific knowledge and evidence. They will learn how to evaluate scientific arguments and consider the limitations of scientific theories.

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