iGCSE Lanugages

Students taking iGCSE Language Subjects are expected to develop a range of skills, including reading and comprehension, writing, speaking and listening, and the analysis of language and texts. They will study a variety of texts, including fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, and will be expected to write for different purposes and audiences. They will also be required to give presentations and participate in discussions and debates.
Students will learn about the structure and use of language, including grammar, vocabulary, and language patterns. They will study the language used in the media and in advertising, and will consider the ways in which language can be used to persuade and influence others. They will also learn about the cultural context in which texts are produced and consumed.
In addition to developing their language skills, students taking iGCSE language courses will also learn about the culture and society of the countries where the language is spoken. This may include topics such as customs, traditions, social norms, and historical events. Students will also have the opportunity to develop intercultural understanding, which is the ability to appreciate and respect the cultural differences of others.

Change Your Discipline

Please discuss with your son or daughter which options they would like to pursue. It is important to remember that the child’s preferences are most important. This aligned with their chosen career path and university requirements are the bases upon which sound choices are made.
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