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The registration process for Belgravia High School begins in March of each year for enrolments in the following academic year. New students and current students re-registering for the next academic year must fill out an application form in-person or online.

To support the application process, we have a dedicated and experienced admissions team, who are available to answer any questions applicants may have. 

It is important that parents and guardians have read the admissions information and have all necessary documents and information readily available when completing the registration form, as it may take some time.

For applicants registering online, the online registration form includes an option to save and continue later and is valid for 30 days.
Parents must agree to abide by the school’s rules and policies, ensure regular attendance and punctuality, and inform the school of any changes in contact information. Parents must confirm that all information provided in the registration form is true and correct, and agree to the Belgravia High School’s Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.
As part of our continued efforts to support and grow our community and partnerships, Belgravia is happy to announce Parents/Guardians employed at Hamad Medical Corporation are granted preferential discounts. Please enquire for more details.
Achieve Greatness
For a Brighter Future
Join a community of learners and discover your passion with us. Take the first step towards shaping your future.
Achieve Greatness
For a Brighter Future
Join a community of learners and discover your passion with us. Take the first step towards shaping your future.

Enrollment Process

Step 1 – Submit Application
All application forms must be submitted with the relevant documents as required by the Ministry of Education. A list of the required documents can be found below.
Step 2 – Seat Reservation
New students and parents will be provided a guided tour of the school and undergoing an informal interview with the Principal and Registrar after submitting the application form and paying the non-refundable seat reservation fee – please see fee structure for more details.
Step 3 – Entrance Assessment
The administration office will communicate with parents the date of the entrance assessment. Students who are given an appointment for the entrance test must come to school in advance to pay the non-refundable entrance test fee – please see fee structure for more details.
Entrance tests subject areas include English, Mathematics and Arabic for Arab speakers only. Students must pass all subject areas with 70% or better mark in order to qualify for a seat. Results for entrance tests will be announced within one full week of the exam.
Step 4 – Offer
Following the assessment, an offer will be sent to parents with payment details. Students who pass the entrance test must complete registration forms and submit all required documents and fees within one week.

Required Student Document Copies:

Required Guardian(s) Document Copies:

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