The Belgravia Blueprint

For over a decade, we have served the community with high-quality education. Unlike others, we prioritize individualized learning over fulfillment rates. Our unique approach sets us a class apart, with small class sizes and specialized subject areas, allowing for personalized attention and support for each student.


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Fostering a Love of Learning

At Belgravia, we believe in the power of a strong education to transform lives. Our dedicated teachers and staff are committed to delivering a well-rounded curriculum that challenges and engages our students. In addition to a strong academic program, we offer a wide range of extracurricular activities to help our students grow and develop.
Modernized Education
For a Dynamic World

A curriculum that is adaptable and responsive to the changing needs of the New Age.

Modernized Education
For a Dynamic World
A curriculum that is adaptable and responsive to the changing needs of the New Age.

Our Commitment

We are committed to ensuring that our students are fully prepared and competent to meet the challenges of life in a dynamic world where change is the norm. We believe that education is about more than just getting good grades; it’s about developing the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in college and beyond.

– Sdaqat Jabeen –

Principal Belgravia High School

Commonality in Diversity

From sports teams and clubs to drama productions and community service opportunities, there is something for every student to get involved in. We are proud of the diverse and inclusive community at Belgravia. We celebrate the unique backgrounds and experiences of all of our students and strive to create a welcoming and accepting environment for everyone.

Unity in Community

We are committed to working closely with families and the community to support the success of our students. From open houses and parent-teacher conferences to community service projects and fundraising events, we welcome the opportunity to engage with all of our stakeholders.
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As a dedicated secondary school, we take pride in our transformative education and the positive impact it has on our students’ futures.

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